Yaeli, the artist

I am a self taught artist and paint full time. I love creating art, but it’s so much more than that for me. My art is full of layers, depth, movement and color. The movement and the color, because the world can always use more color and movement - Bright, happy and inspiring - to add vibrancy to life. 

With the layers and the depth, I hope that people are inspired to look deep into themselves and hear their own, unique voice, and understand that it’s never what’s on the surface that counts the most, it’s all on the inside. The layers create our uniqueness, but we have to strip it down and listen to our own whispers. I hope that when one views my work they can come to the realization, that on the inside, after delving deep, we are all so similar, all parts of one whole. And, to realize that we must join together, like all the colors, because it’s colors, when stroked together, that create masterpieces.  

That is what we all are - individual masterpieces, who, when joined as one, create the most beautiful work of art in the universe, G-d’s ultimate magnum opus. 

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